3 Hole LED Mini Golf

3 Hole LED Mini Golf

3 Hole LED Mini Golf

Check out our LED mini golf rentals. No need to take your group out for mini golf, when we can bring the course to you.  Turn down the lights and watch the course glow.  Each hole is has LED lights with changeable colors and/or patterns. And, of course, we didn't make the holes easy.  Each hole has a different obstacle.

20-30 people of all ages, can play at one time.  We include differently sized putters.  Our LED mini golf is great for corporate events, school events, backyard parties, or any other night or indoor (when the lights are dim) events.

Our LED mini-golf can be ordered in quantities of  3, 6 or 9 holes.

$350 - 3 LED mini-golf holes

$675 - 6 LED mini-golf holes

$899 - 9 LED mini-golf holes

Rental will include balls and clubs.  

*Holes will be different than those pictured.  Our course is all straight pieces.

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