Black and Gold Throne Chair

Black and Gold Throne Chair

Black & Gold Throne Chair

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Check out our throne chairs in Chicago, IL!  Be the center of attention and rent a throne chair for your next event!  Great seating for all special event, including, birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers, anniversaries, head table, etc.  Pricing does not include tax or delivery, which will depend on location, flexibility of delivery/pickup schedule and ease of delivery (i.e.. stairs/loading docks/elevators).  



Throne chairs are 72inches tall (that's 6ft). Chair will require a minimum of 34 inches in doorway space.  We will NOT take doors off of hinges.  We will NOT "just squeeze it" to get it past a door jamb.  We will NOT risk damaging our chairs.  If you do not have enough room for the chair to fit upon arrival, you will be responsible for 50% of the rental cost. You are responsible for measuring the doorway space.

We do NOT allow customer pickups of our throne chairs.
Optional run/pillow combo available (only for use indoors).