Electronic Pop a Shot

Electronic Pop a Shot

Electronic Pop A Shot Rental | Chicago

This game requires power.
This game requires double door entry from vehicle to final resting place.
This game requires at least 4'(l) x 9'(w) x 7'(h). within 50ft of an outlet.
This interactive game works for ages 8 and up.

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Game instructions.

When game is turned on, the default game will just count baskets. You can use this option and just have contestants play to a set score.  To restart, just press the basketball button.

For a different style competition, press and hold the basketball for 3 seconds.
Then press the plus button until you get to 4.
Then press until you see 2. Repeat.
This game has a 30 second countdown clock. The last 10 seconds are worth 3 points. 30 or more points in the first 30 seconds extends the player's clock by 15 seconds.  60 or more points after the first 45 seconds, extends that player's clock by 10 more seconds.