Karaoke Machine (Deluxe)

Karaoke Machine (Deluxe)

Karaoke Rental (Deluxe) | Chicago


This Karaoke machine rental is like our karaoke (economy) on SPEED. 

It has nearly 10x the amount of song options (nearly 55,000)

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Karaoke Rentals - 2 Options....


Either we can provide KJ (karaoke jockey) services for your event which includes all applicable equipment, a KJ, wireless mics,  and props...


Rent our karaoke machine, with or without sound system or TV.  Karaoke machine rentals in Chicago include the karaoke machine, song library (nearly 55,000 songs), and 2 wireless microphones...add lighting...etc..


A karaoke machine is much like a DVD player that you would hook up at home...so you'll need a television and a sound system...


You'll need a television for the lyrics to scroll across...If you have a television with a video input jack (usually yellow or green)...you may not need ours.  If you don't, perhaps our television monitors on stands will work.


In order for you to hear the sound, you will also need a sound system/PA system/speaker. If you have a stereo that's in the vicinity of where you will be doing karaoke and the input jacks (RCA jacks) are easily accessible you may not need ours...OR...if you're using your own television and its hooked up through a surround sound type system...and the sound volume and quality is sufficient...you may not need our sound system either...If not...you can usually get by with one or two of our bluetooth speakers...


We DO NOT recommend using your regular television speakers.


****This is a delivery only item.****


If we are onsite running the karaoke equipment, you can text your name and the song/artist you'd
like to sing to (773)593-3386, using the QR code below.