Park/Forest Preserve Package

Park/Forest Preserve Package

    • Actual Size: 15ft x 15ft x 12.5ft
    • Setup Area: 20ft x 20ft x 12.5ft for inflatable
    • Age Group: 3 and up
    • Attendants: 1

Park/Forest Preserve Party Package

  • 13 x 13 Castle Moonwalk (assumes a grass setup)
  • Generator
  • Any Fun Food Machine* (choose from popcorn, cotton candy, or sno-cones)
  • Picnic/BBQ Kit
  • Name added to insurance (if required by venue)
Park/Forest Preserve Party Package Booking Form
Just click on the above link, type your answers next to the questions in the email and hit send.

Kit includes a 50' tug of war rope, double dutch rope, chinese jump rope indoor/outdoor soccerball, football, kickball, softball, bat, bases, frisbees, hula hoops, egg and spoon races, batons (for relay races) and a megaphone.

Volleyball is no longer included in this package but is available for an additional $75.