Pucker Powder

Pucker Powder

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The PUCKER POWDER Machine Rental is the latest craze in Do It Yourself Candy Making known to mankind and it couldn’t be simpler. Similar to Sand Art but edible!!! Your guests, young and old will delight in making and eating their own delicious sweet or sour flavored candy creations. Remember Pixie Sticks? Pucker Powder is updated, better tasting and come in re-sealable plastic straws! Party guests will receive straws and have the freedom to choose whichever flavor of candy sugar they like! You can be so creative with color, taste, mixing and matching them all. The pucker powder machine rental is such a great idea for a birthday party rental. No cake, no problem with our Chicago area pucker powder machine rental! This is also a great option for school carnivals, church events, block parties, corporate functions and fundraisers of all types.


Birthday Party Package


$300.00-includes (6) candy flavors AND your choice of  (180) 6” candy straws OR (90) 12'' candy straws

$495.00-includes (12) candy flavors AND your choice of  (360) 6” candy straws OR (180) 12'' candy straws

Fundraiser examples


# of


# of Straws Size of Tube Your Cost

You Charge





6 180 6 inch Straws $300 $3.00 per Straw $240
6 90 12 inch Straws $300 $6.00 per Straw $240
12 360 6 inch Straws $495 $3.00 per Straw $585
12 180 12 inch Straws $496 $6.00 per Straw $585

(180) 6''

(90) 12''

6 & 12 inch Straws $600

$3.00 per 6'' Straw

$6.00 per 12'' Straw


While Pucker Powder® is basically a dextrose based product, it does not contain as much sugar than one thinks. A 6" straw contains only 7.3 grams of sugar and carbs. When you compare this to standard size candy bars and other candy products, this is typically 1/3 the amount of sugar and when comparing to many sports enhancement drinks, it is typically 1/6 the amount of sugar. Less sugar in our 6oz straws than a can of pop/soda.

*If you're needing more supplies, shoot us an email, we will manually adjust your quote/order.