Walla Balla Carnival Game Rental

Walla Balla (1pt)

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Walla Balla Carnival Game (includes a set of 4)

Great for kids AND adults

The Digital WallaBalla® is a waist-mounted, body action basketball toy which includes score-keeping, a timer, sound, and game options. Games include Skill Practice, Maxout, and Follow the Leader. The DigitalWallaBalla® also allows players to create their own games. The interactive screen will give instructions on how to play each game when selected. In addition, a player will be able to see the total number of points scored within a given time. Move your hips to score in one of three baskets, but no hands! ONE SIZE FITS ALL, with adjustable waist strap, accomodating up to a 52” waist. It is even more fun when played with music.